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The free home delivery service is now available in the designated areas on the designated days only. Please start compiling your shopping cart.



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Delivery Schedule

DayPost Code AreasTime
Mondayno delivery
TuesdayRG7,RG8,RG14,RG17,RG18,RG19,RG20,RG26,RG30,RG313 pm to 9 pm
WednesdayRG7,RG8,RG14,RG17,RG18,RG19,RG20,RG26,RG30,RG313 pm to 9 pm
ThursdayRG7,RG8,RG14,RG17,RG18,RG19,RG20,RG26,RG30,RG313 pm to 9 pm
Fridayno delivery
Saturdayno delivery
SundayNo Delivery

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Frozen Fish

(pack size)
Image Price per pack Stock Level  
Cases of Cod FilletSkin on IQF 8/10 oz
(4.54 kg)
Cases of Cod FilletSkin on IQF 8/10 oz £29.50  2 in stock   
Crab Meat 50/50
Crab Meat 50/50 £6.50  4 in stock   
Fish Pie Mix
Fish Pie Mix £5.00  20 in stock   
Herring Roe
(450 g)
Herring Roe £4.50  10 in stock   
Luxury Paella Mix
(908 g)
Luxury Paella Mix £11.00  2 in stock   
Prawns Cooked & Peeled
(2 kg)
Prawns Cooked & Peeled £19.50  4 in stock   
Salmon Loins Frozen. Vacuum Packed.
(1.50 kg)
Salmon Loins Frozen. Vacuum Packed. £12.00  4 in stock   
Squid Rings
(1 kg )
Squid Rings £9.00  5 in stock   
Tiger Prawns Raw & Peeled
(1 kg)
Tiger Prawns Raw & Peeled £11.00  6 in stock   
Whelk Meat Cooked
(1 kg)
Whelk Meat Cooked £10.00  6 in stock   

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